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In a world of competition and advertising, people built up a tolerance to marketing claims. Genuine testimonials  show how your customers and clients benefit from your offer and what results they get – that’s exactly what prospects are looking for.

Trust is here to make their amazing experience heard.

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Emphasize important points to your visitors, and make them feel

Jack frank 🔥

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Purchase Notification

Show recent individual actions (signups, purchases, etc) taken by your customers.

35 Active Visitors 🔥

Live Visitor

You’re not alone here! Show real-time visitors counter on your website.

Social Counter

Show the number of followers, subscribers, and likes you have across your social profiles.

Jon leck 🔥

One of the best experiences i have ever had. definitely i will recommend to my friends. 



Show review to the user and gian more trust.

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Email Collector

Collect emails from users and send notifications to users. 

Add Proof to your
Marketing & Sales Campaigns 🚀

Leverage the true power of social proof to instantly increase site conversions by up to 30%!

Accelerate purchases and increase conversions

The Recent Activity or Conversions features are the most popular feature from socially. It’s used to display notifications for your recent sales activity on your website.  

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Drive more sales

Show notification for user reactions. it’s a great way to build trust. 

This notification helps your users to share the website experience and the credibility of the site and help them to complete their purchase or signup.

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Interested in Socaialaap?

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You go further than your competition when you build trust

Integrate Socially to any Platform

Compatible with all kinds of websites like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Blogger, Custom website and any CMS.

What Our Customers are Saying

We have helped 1k+ users Engage, Retain and Convert thousands of website visitors. Here’s what they have to say…

Kevin P Auto Graphics

"I will keep it short. I am a result oriented person and in this business of High end automotive wraps. I found Socially as the best price/quality product in this field."

Matt B. Bar Owner

"This simple plugin has helped my bar increase orders online AND in store! People come to the site to see the hours/menu and get the free app voucher and order...incredible."

Fillip T Ecommerce Store Owner

“New site visitors conversion to trial  increased by over 14.2%  a month after adding Socially plugin.” thank you Socially for helping me gain trust.

Jose E Marketing

"These website plugins are perfect for any website or ecom store. The best part about socially is how simple it is to embed, track and, grow your business."